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Diameter 9mm long stroke plastic sliding door dampers Diameter 9mm long stroke plastic sliding door dampers

Sliding door damper

  • 9-92
  • 9-117
  • 9-140
  • 9-151
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A damper is a kind of cushion that uses oil as a medium to achieve the effect of resisting external forces through the flow of oil in the body of the tube.

There are two types of dampers, passive return dampers, and active return dampers.

The difference between them is that the active return damper has a spring in the bottom of the tube, and the return force of the spring assists the piston rod to return automatically after being compressed.

Dimension of dampers






The following are the regular damper specifications of 8MM diameter, both can do both active return and passive return.
Also, we can make other sizes according to your design making molds.
If you have any ideas, please send us your custom request and get the factory wholesale price now.


  • Long life cycle, up to 200,000 work times
  • Comfortable bouncing and damping of shocks, impacts, or sudden peak loads
  • Compact design for installation in tight spaces
  • One-piece construction, no oil leakage


Plastic dampers are mainly used in drawer buffers, sliding door buffers, trash can lid buffers, commercial printer draw boxes, etc.

The main function is to reduce the impact when the object is closed, reduce the closing speed and mitigate the noise when closing.


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