Metal damper

Metal damper

What is metal damper?

The metal damper is widely applied to various mechanical devices and vehicles, to reduce the impact force of moving elements to machinery. The metal dampers have three items: damping in compression direction, damping in extension direction and damping in both the push-in and pull-out direction. The damper made of damping is a very important component in hardware accessories. The main function of metal damper is to reduce vibration, convert friction into internal energy, and drive the operation of the entire system.

Benefits of metal damper

·Service life up to 50,000 cycles with SGS certificated
·Usable within -30-80° C in the temperature range
·Customized extension velocity and compression resistance
·Salt spray test up to 96h
·Wide range of sizes and different force values
·Label can be printed with logo
·Each product individually packed plus outer box packaging
·Optional overload protection for greater safety and consideration
·Mechanical structure to reduce safety hazards
·Maintenance free
·Choose environmentally friendly materials

Professional custom metal damper manufacturer

Zhili Gas Spring is a custom metal damper manufacturer in china, we focus on the metal dampers custom design and production. The metal damper is widely used in furniture hardware and other industries. We can suppory custom services depend on your application.

Metal dampers for sale

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Compression Dampers Mental Dampers

Metal Damper

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Metal Damper



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