Oil Damper

Oil Damper

What is oil dampers?

The oil damper realizes the damping effect through the inertial force of the fluid. The fluid flow rate passing through unit time is the key factor to change the output of the damper. Oil damper is the ideal damping device used for slowing down moving weights. The oil damper controls the movement of the piston in the hydraulic cylinder by means of a valve with a special structure, so as to restrain the structure, equipment or pipeline of the installation node from being affected by periodic loads and occasional impact loads. The main parts and components of the oil damper are: hydraulic cylinder, piston rod, piston, front and rear cylinder heads, compensation oil tank and valve components.

Applications of oil damper

Oil damper is suitable for preventing damage from earthquakes, wind loads, water hammer, steam hammer, safety valve exhaust, fluid transients, etc. Oil dampers, also known as hydraulic dampers, are widely used in nuclear power, thermal power, petrochemical, steel, military, civil engineering and other fields. According to the purpose and function of the product, oil dampers are divided into speed locking devices and viscous dampers in the field of civil structure and bridge engineering.

Types of oil dampers

According to whether set the compensation oil tank, the structure type of common oil damper is divided into single rod with compensation oil tank structure and double rod structure.

Advantages of Single rod with Compensating Tank Damper:

1. Compact structure, small axial sizes (except for the rear type), meet the use of small installation space, Good stability under pressure

2. The medium has less influence on the working pressure inside the damper after thermal expansion

3. Different output characteristics can be obtained by adjusting the damper valve

Advantages of double rod dampers:

1. Simple structure

2. Small radial size

3. The sealing point is reduced

4. High working reliability

Why Choose Zhili Oil Damper?

Zhili is a professional china oil damper manufacturer, specializing in the production of gas springs and oil dampers, we support one-stop services including design, development, production and sales. According to the application of oil dampers, we provide plastic dampers and metal dampers. All kinds of oil dampers can be ordered with wholesale price.

 Oil dampers for sale have the following advantages:

1. POM material, SGS ISO certificated. Adopt professional sealing technology, no oil leakage and no failure, silent operation throughout the whole process

2. The one-piece outer tube supports violent impact test, and the service life can reach up to 20W times

3. The damping force is stable and can be customized according to the usage needs/application scenarios

Plastic damper

Plastic damper

Dampers can slow down heavy drawers or pullout shelves just in time before they close. The faster impact the damper bears, the larger reactive force there will be.

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Metal damper

Metal damper

The metal hydraulic dampers is widely applied to various mechanical device and vehicles, to reduce the impact force of moving elements to machinery. The metal hydraulic dampers have three items: damping in compression direction, damping in extension direction and damping in both the push-in and pull-out direction.

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