Adjustable gas spring

Adjustable gas spring

What is adjustable gas spring?

Adjustable gas spring is also known as lockable gas spring. As one of the hydropneumatic adjustment elements, the lifting force of adjustable force gas spring is basically constant during the whole working stroke. Adjustable locking gas spring has the cushion property, thereby avoiding the impact when objects are closed, and the moving stroke of adjustable force gas spring can be stayed at any places. A adjustable gas spring consists of multiple seals, rod, piston and a cylinder filled with Nitrogen and a small amount of oil for lubrication.

Industries application of lockable gas spring

The lockable gas spring can be widely used in the office equipment, vehicles, mechanical equipment, medical facilities, height-adjustment chairs and tables and the like. Achieve the functions of automatic lifting, suspending, closing and the like.

Types of adjustable locking gas springs

We offer three types of adjustable locking gas springs, with the following characteristics when locked:

·FLEXIBLE, the rod may slightly “flex” under heavy compression or tension loading.
·RIGID IN EXTENSION, no flex when rod is being pulled, slight flex when rod being pushed.
·RIGID IN COMPRESSION, slight flex when rod being pulled, no flex when rod is being pushed. The locking force might up to 1 tonne or more.

Adjustable locking gas springs comparison chart

Rigidity in Tension Good Fully Rigid High
Rigidity in Compression Good High Fully Rigid
Release Valve Option Yes Yes No
Typical Applications Chair backs, seat height adjusters and equipment for the physically disabled, VDU height adjustment. Hospital beds, aircraft, coach and rail seat back recline control and wheel chair recline and support systems. Operating, massage and veterinary tables and wheel chair recline and support systems. 


The amount of flexibility depends on the load on the gas spring when it is locked and different locking methods are suitable for different scenarios. As one of professional lockable gas spring manufacturers in china, we support OEM/custom lockable gas spring wholesale service. We also provide self locking gas spring suitable for all kinds of situations that need to be locked. Our technical sales team can give you the correct solution for your application, from design to mass production.

Calculation of tube length and stroke

L(Total length of fully extended)

= A(tube length)+S(Stroke)+13(Installation length on the tube's end)+13(Installation length on the piston rod's end)

Computational formula of tube length and stroke: A≥S+30.(As the length of stroke increases, the length of tube will increase.)

Benefits of Adjustable gas spring

·Service life up to 50,000 cycles with SGS certificated
·Usable within -30-80° C in the temperature range
·Customized extension velocity and compression resistance
·Salt spray test up to 96h
·Wide range of sizes and different force values
·Label can be printed with logo
·Each product individually packed plus outer box packaging
·Optional overload protection for greater safety and consideration
·Mechanical structure to reduce safety hazards
·Maintenance free
·Choose environmentally friendly materials

Height Adjustable Gas Spring for Sale

Rigid lockable gas springs

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Rigid lockable gas springs

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Adjustable Gas Spring

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Adjustable Gas Spring



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