Gas lift spring

Gas lift spring

What is gas lift spring?

The lift gas spring takes high pressure inert gas as motive power andits supporting power is constant during the whole working stoke . The gas lift spring has the cushion property , thereby avoiding the impact and the noise when objects are closed. Gas lift spring has the characteristics of lifting, supporting and gravity balance, can be mounted conveniently and used safely without maintenance. Lift gas spring is the most widely used of all kinds of gas springs, with only the shortest and longest positions, and cannot stop by itself during the stroke.

Benefits of gas lift spring

·Service life up to 50,000 cycles with SGS certificated
·Usable within -30-80° C in the temperature range
·Customized extension velocity and compression resistance
·Salt spray test up to 96h
·Wide range of sizes and different force values
·Suitable for alpine, acidic or alkaline environment
·Lightweight, stable and easy to operate
·Optional overload protection for greater safety and consideration
·Mechanical structure to reduce safety hazards
·Maintenance free
·Choose environmentally friendly materials

Application of gas lift spring

1. Automobiles

2. Construction machinery

3. Printing machinery

4. Textile equipment

Reliable Gas lift springs suppliers

Zhili Gas Spring is one of reliable gas lift springs suppliers in china, we provide standard and custom gas lift springs for various application. As direct gas lift spring factory, we support one-stop gas lift spring design service. Browse the details of gas lift springs for sale below and contact our professional engineers.



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