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Gas lift spring

  • Do the gas spring rods pop out automatically?

    Yes, the gas spring in the normal state of the rod is extended

  • What is the minimum pressure of the gas spring?

    The minimum pipe diameter of ZHILI gas spring is 12mm and the minimum pressure is 5N.

  • Why can't my gas spring compress?

    f the gas spring is not broken, the main reason why the gas spring piston rod cannot be compressed is that the external pressure is not enough to push the piston rod into the gas spring body.

Adjustable gas spring

  • What are the types of adjustable gas springs (also named lockable gas spring)?

    Adjustable gas springs are divided into flexible adjustable gas spring and rigid adjustable gas spring

  • What is flexible adjustable gas spring?

    FLEXIBLE means the rod may slightly “flex” under heavy compression or tension loading. These springs must be used in a rod-down orientation unless an “oil chamber” system is fitted.

  • What is rigid adjustable gas spring?

    RIGID IN EXTENSION means no flex when rod is being pulled, slight flex when rod being pushed. These springs can be used in any orientation.

    RIGID IN COMPRESSION means slight flex when rod being pulled, no flex when rod is being pushed. These springs must be used in a rod-down orientation unless an “oil chamber” system is fitted.

  • What is the difference between the flexible adjustable gas spring and the rigid adjustable gas spring?

    The most significant difference is the locking force which the loading force when the gas spring is locked. The rigid adjustable gas spring has better locking function, and the maximum locking force can reach 1500KG.

  • What is the minimum stroke of an adjustable gas spring?

    ZHILI adjustable gas springs with a minimum stroke of 24.5 mm

Self locking gas spring

  • Can self-locking gas springs be adjusted to any length of stroke?

    The self-locking gas spring has only two states, the rod is fully extended (unlocked state) and the rod is fully compressed into the tube (locked state), and the stroke length is fixed when used.

  • How do I need to unlock the self-locking gas spring?

    To unlock the self-locking gas spring, simply press the gas spring down to release the compression and the stroke returns to its natural extended state.

  • What is the minimum pipe diameter for self-locking gas springs?

    The minimum pipe diameter of self-locking gas spring is 15mm and the minimum pressure is 50N

Gas traction spring

  • Is the internal gas of the gas traction spring also nitrogen?

    Yes, the internal gas of the gas traction spring is also high purity nitrogen, and its functional specificity is due to the structural problems of the internal fittings.

  • Under what conditions does the piston rod of the gas traction spring extend?

    The piston rod is extended when the reaction force is greater than the pressure inside the gas traction spring.

  • What are the main differences between gas traction springs and gas lift springs?

    The forces of the gas traction spring F1 and F2 are relatively close to each other, F1: F2 ≈ 1:1.2, which is suitable for applications requiring close force values at both ends

Metal damper

  • What is the difference between metal dampers and gas springs?

    Although the appearance of metal dampers and gas springs is the same, metal dampers do not have a support function; their main function is to reduce the impact force and bring cushioning function.

  • Are metal dampers only damped in the compression direction?

    Metal dampers are divided into compression direction damping, tension direction damping and bidirectional damping.

  • Can metal dampers withstand lateral forces?

    No, the lateral force will easily damage the metal damper, affecting the use effect and service life.

Plastic damper

  • What if the ZHILI dampers are not in the size I want?

    ZHILI factory has more than 8 sets of injection machines, which can be customized according to customers' requirements and produced independently.

  • Is there only a spring inside the damper?

    No, inside the damper, in addition to the spring, there are other accessories such as seals, silicone oil, etc. The mature structure provides a stable damping effect.

  • What kind of oil is inside the damper?

    The inside of our plastic dampers are environmentally friendly silicone oil.

  • Is the damping speed of plastic dampers constant?

    The common dampers on the market are constant damping, the advantage is the low cost, our dampers through the design of the internal structure to achieve the effect of variable speed, that is, in the damping value will change according to the strength of the impact received, thus allowing your product to achieve a stable effect.


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