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Our technical team can assist on the specification of your gas spring product to ensure that the optimal product is selected or developed for your application.

Custom Your Gas Spring

Adjustable Gas Spring Adjustable Gas Spring

Tube - Rod:
  • 18-08
  • 22-08
  • 22-10
  • 27-10
  • 28-10
  • 28-12
  • 28-08
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Product Advantage

Easy adjustment of each position with lockable gas spring rigid or flexible.


  • High precision
  • Quality inspection
  • Factory direct sale
  • A variety of specifications
  • 50000 cycles



F1 Force 


Surface treatment

Standard of product execution

Service life



Tube painting, piston rod hard  chromium plating\QPQ.

GB/T 25751-2010

At least 50000 times


Calculation of tube length and stroke

L(Total length of fully extended)=A(tube length)+S(Stroke)+13(Installation length on the tube's end)+13(Installation length on the piston rod's end)

Computational formula of tube length and stroke: A≥S+30.(As the length of stroke increases, the length of tube will increase.)

Product Features


We have our own electrostatic coating line control quality.


We choose QPQ material, Salt Spary Test more than 96 hours, more environments friendly.


 Our company import best materials and equipment for endings, usually available in screw thread or one-piece construction.



The lockable gas spring can be widely used in the office equipment, vehicles, mechanical equipment, medical facilities, height-adjustment chairs and tables and the like. Achieve the functions of automatic lifting, suspending, closing and the like. Its lifting force is basically constant during the whole working stroke. It has the cushion property, thereby avoiding the impact when objects are closed, and its moving stroke can be stayed at any places. When in operation, it requires no outside motive power, thereby saving the energy. It has the advantages of simple structure, small shape,convenient and quick installation and no need of maintenance. The lockable gas spring have two items: flexible and rigid. The flexible lockable gas spring have the function of support and locking while the rigid lockable gas spring plays a better performance in locking.


• the office equipment
• vehicles
• mechanical equipment
• height-adjustment chairs
• tables
• the like


Various endings for your best solution



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