Why Use A Plastic Damper Door Hinge?

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The plastic damper used for the door hinge is produced from unique polyethylene plastics that have gaps in between them, these gaps between the plastic damper allow air to move in and out freely to ensure that the hinge and door slamming are reduced.

The reason why you need to fix a plastic damper to your door hinge, and drawer fronts is to ensure the door speed is reduced, take control of the door movement when the door close, and ensure the door closes gently.

You have to maintain the plastic damper properly to ensure that door slamming between your door and the wall is avoided, a quality plastic damper is very important when you're purchasing the plastic damper at the market.

You need to consider the type of door you are selecting and the type of plastic damper for your hinge, if you're purchasing a closet door you will be needing a cabinet door damper for the hinge.

This cabinet door damper is a mechanism that controls the opening of doors and it's usually fixed on two hinges on the side to provide easy operation when the door is closed this is not used for pantry or drawer doors because the damper is used effectively for preventing moisture from entering and is always used for interior and exterior doors

 The design of the plastic damper for the door must be the same as the closet door you are installing and if you didn't purchase the same hinge then the door won't last long as expected or accept the high cost of maintenance.

Three types of door hinges can be used with a plastic damper which include the recessed soft closed-door hinge, the Allen key, and the slip joint. The recessed soft closed-door hinge will fit in most standard doorways likewise the Allen key which can also fit in standard doorways while the slip joint fits doors with a smooth interior surface.

However, the Allen key is the best and easiest way to install a door but it's difficult to replace if the door is damaged in the future because its correct part is not easily located.

It's very essential to choose quality hardware when you are replacing the previous door hinges and when purchasing the new hinge ensure that it's compatible with the existing hinge, if not the plastic damper won't last forever.

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Advantage of installing a plastic damper with your door hinges

1. It has corrosion resistance because it's made of plastic and it will last longer compare to metal or aluminum-made dampers.

2. It's durable and sturdy

3. Reduces noise when the door is shutting down.

4. It can be widely used in cabinet wooden doors, bathroom cabinet doors and some other professionally used doors

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