What Is the Function of a Damper?

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A damper is mainly a valve or plate that is used for the regulation of fluid. If you want to stop the fluid or slow its flow rate, you need to use a damper. It is a very useful product through which you can control the movement of fluid and liquid.

When it comes to an oil damper, it will regulate the damping effect due to the momentum present in the fluid, which is also called inertial force present in the fluid.

How are oil dampers useful, and what is their main function?

The oil damper has many applications, and it has been used in many areas and sectors. Nothing is better than an oil damper if you want to slow down the speed of moving weight.

Components of an oil damper

There are important components from which the oil damper is made up of. There is a hydraulic cylinder present as a major part of it.

A piston and piston rod is also present in the oil damper. You will also find front and rear cylinder heads. There is a presence of compensation oil tank and valve components.

Major applications of the oil damper

There are some major applications of an oil damper.

  • It is one of the best devices if you want to prevent any damage due to a load of winds or the force of an earthquake.
  • It also provides a major function in safety valve exhaust, water hammer, and steam hammer.
  • Hydraulic dampers and oil dampers are the same things. You can use them in the field of thermal power, nuclear power, steel, and military, civil engineering.
  • They are also used in petrochemical industries. You can also categorize them into speed-locking dampers and viscous dampers according to their function.

So, all in all, you can use them for different purposes.

Two types of oil dampers

You can divide the oil dampers into two types depending on the structure it is made up of. It is available in single-rod structures as well as double-rod structures.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You should consider the one that is according to your requirements and use. You can also attach a compensation oil tank with a single rod structure.

oil damper

Reasons you should get a single rod oil damper that comes with a compensation oil tank.

There are certain advantages of a single-rod oil damper that comes with a compensation oil tank. It has a very compact structure, and it also maintains pressure. You can install it in small places, and it will also provide you with very good stability.

You can also get different output characteristics if you adjust the value of the oil damper.

Reasons you should get double rod oil damper.

You can also get a double-rod oil damper if it is according to your needs and requirements. It has a very simple structure which is easy to use. It is reliable and will provide you with high working and performance. The sealing point of the oil damper is also reduced.

There are many functions and advantages of oil dampers. Some of the major functions are discussed above. You can make up your mind to use it to get the required work done.


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