What Are the Application and Benefits of the Oil Damper

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Moving weights are slowed down by oil dampers. Oil dampers are hydraulic components that are closed and require no maintenance and are used to smoothly slow feed units, flaps, linear drive units, etc.

Our manufacturers also provide adjustable oil dampers in addition to fixed oil dampers. When the precise damping force required is unknown, adjustable dampers are utilized.

The damping force can be modified by rotating the piston. As a result, we always deliver the ideal solution for your needs.

In this write-up, I will take you through the application process and the benefits of oil dampers, especially for machines.

How to apply oil damper on machines

You might be wondering how to apply oil dampen on machines. As machines facilitate a variety of human activities, oil dampers are used in a wide range of applications in daily life.

They are used to cushion the impact of bumps, strong winds earthquakes, etc. However, various applications call for various oil dampen types, which can be manufactured of various materials.

Having been familiar with the concept of conservation of energy, the operation of an oil dampen is less complicated and is simple to comprehend. According to this concept, energy can only change its forms; it cannot be created or destroyed.

Let me quickly take you through some scientific jargon. Kinetic energy is energy in motion, while potential energy is energy that has been stored. The above scenario underlines the application of oil dampen.

For example, if your car's suspension and springs move when you encounter a bump or dip in the road the tire may stay in contact with the pavement and absorb the energy.

In this instance, the oil dampers reduce the spring's motion by converting the kinetic energy.

For the suspension to move, a piston must go up and down through an oil-filled cylinder, which is what an oil dampen is.

oil damper

What are the major benefits of oil dampers?

Some of the major benefits of oil dampers are as follows:


Machinery shock and vibration are greatly reduced by oil dampers. Damage to machinery, maintenance costs, and downtime are reduced as a result of the use of oil dampers.

Faster operating speeds

Since the shocks control or gently stop moving items, machines that use oil dampers can work at higher speeds. Due to this positive significance, manufacturing rates could be raised.

Production quality

Negative motion effects including vibration, noise, and destructive impacts are reduced or eliminated, which improves product quality. The tolerance in turn is also simpler to maintain.

Machines are operated safely

Oil dampers offer controlled and predictable deceleration, protecting both the machine and the user. Additionally, oil dampers can be made to adhere to certain safety requirements.

Having a competitive hedge

Machines with less maintenance cost, longer life span, and safer operations are more productive.

Other major advantages of oil dampers include:

Oil damper absorbers reduce or absorb the compression and rebound of the springs and suspension. It also aids in reducing unnecessary and excessive spring action.

Furthermore, it ensures that tires are always in contact with the pavement. Your machine oil damper ensures the safest handling and quickest response time.

Contact us for a high-quality oil damper

Having gone through the benefits and applications of oil dampers, you must have been able to deduce that using oil dampers saves your money, less stress, and all other benefits as stated above.

To be sure of your machine's longevity, kindly contact us to purchase a quality oil damper from us and contact us for more information about our products and services.


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