The Decision to Use an Actuator or a Gas Spring

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For applications requiring lift, counterbalance, dampening, tensioning, clamping, ejection, anti-vibration, and safety overload, gas springs provide a variety of important advantages.

Is an actuator or a gas spring needed? is a common query for engineers during the design phase. What are the real workings of these methods, as well as their benefits and drawbacks?

Consequently, this article discusses the benefits of gas springs and actuators.

How Gas Springs and Actuators Work

The operation of the two height/position adjustment options differs the most from one another. The pressure in the cylinder, which is produced by nitrogen, extends the piston position in a gas spring. A purely electronic device, actuators are not like gas springs. Low-voltage DC motors power actuators.

Actuators and gas springs are similar in that they both make linear-pull or push motions. Customer specificity ensures quality and customization for both the actuators and the gas springs.

The gas springs and actuators have the same delivery schedules, warranty terms, and technical support.

The technological features, however, differ greatly. The key distinctions between actuators and gas springs are described in the advantages below.

Advantages Of Gas Springs

Over actuators, gas springs have certain advantages.

The enormous variety of shapes and sizes available in gas spring designs is one of the key benefits. In contrast to actuators, where "just" three sizes are feasible, the diameter of gas springs ranges from 3/8 mm to 30/70 mm.

In contrast to actuators, gas springs are made from a wider variety of materials. The various versions of gas springs are another method to illustrate their diversity.

It is impossible to speak about a fixed price because both gas springs and actuators are made based on the needs of the customer. The stroke, the type of cylinder, and the material used to make the actuator or gas spring are just a few of the many variables that affect the price. It might be claimed that compared to actuators, gas springs are more affordable to buy.

Actuators need an outside power source to function. With gas springs, this is not the case. Because gas springs may generate their energy, they are frequently employed in situations when an external energy source is not an option.

Another benefit of this technique is the "noiselessness" with which items can be altered in height and position, as opposed to actuators, as evidenced by the gas springs in car tailgates.

The configuration of gas springs does not require electrical engineering expertise, unlike the configuration of actuators. This facilitates the installation of gas springs.

There is no maximum cycle time for gas springs, which is their final benefit over actuators.

Advantages Of Actuators

The actuator also has unique features which in many cases make it preferable to a gas spring.

The fact that actuators do not require manual force to change an object's height is by far the biggest benefit. A wire as long as 9 meters can be provided with actuators, and/or they can be turned on using a variety of controls. However, gas springs require manual operation.

The fact that more force needs to be applied than is necessary to push the piston rod back into the cylinder is another drawback of the manual functioning of gas springs (progressivity).

This movement also needs to be done by hand. Actuators are exempt from this rule because they make both pushing and pulling motions automatically and with an equal amount of force.

Correct actuator calculation is much simpler than gas spring calculation. Due in part to the required manual force, gas spring calculations must be more precise than those for actuators.

Calculating the actuators is simple, and the arrangement is more adaptable. It is simple to utilize the same actuator for several applications since the actuator's software program is adaptable.

The software programs for actuators enable simultaneous movements from two or more actuators. This enables several actuators to change the height or position of enormous or extremely heavy items.

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