Can the gas spring application be customized?

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Gas springs are also called gas struts or gas lift supports and are widely used in various industries. They can be found in car tailgates, office chairs, hospital beds and countless other products. Sometimes, however, standard off-the-shelf gas springs may not meet the specific needs of a unique application. In this case, customization becomes a valuable solution. This article explores the field of gas spring application customization and explores how these multifunctional devices can be customized for specific applications.

Learn about gas springs

Gas springs are devices that use compressed gas, usually nitrogen, to create force and movement. They consist of a cylinder filled with pressurized gas and a piston rod that extends and retracts when the gas is compressed or released. The controlled release of gas provides smooth and controlled movement, making it an important component in applications requiring lifting, lowering and supporting functions.

Standard gas spring application

  • Automotive industry: Gas springs help support the opening and closing of car hoods, trunk lids and tailgates.
  • Furniture: Commonly found in office chairs, recliners, and height-adjustable desks.
  • Medical equipment: Hospital beds, operating tables and examination chairs often use gas springs for adjustment and positioning.
  • Aerospace: Gas springs are used in aircraft seats and cargo doors to achieve safe and controlled movement.
  • Industrial Machinery: They provide support for machine guards, access panels and tool rooms.

Limitations of off-the-shelf gas springs in unique applications

While standard gas springs are suitable for many applications, they may not always meet the special needs of unique or unconventional use cases. These limitations may include insufficient strength, inappropriate size, or lack of specialized functionality. This is where gas spring customization comes into play.

The need for customization

Unique applications are those that fall outside the scope of standard or typical use cases. These applications often require specialized gas springs due to the following factors:

  • Non-standard sizes: When a standard gas spring does not fit into the available space.
  • Extreme Conditions: Applications exposed to high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, or extreme pressure.
  • High precision: When precise control of force, speed or damping is required.
  • Safety Critical Situation: A situation where a gas spring plays a critical role in a safety or emergency system.
  • Hygiene and Cleaning: Suitable for applications in clean room environments, medical equipment or food production.

Benefits of custom gas springs

  • Optimized performance: Customized gas spring applications can provide the best performance under specific conditions.
  • Enhanced safety: Gas springs can be customized to meet safety requirements and standards for critical applications.
  • Space Efficiency: Customization ensures gas springs fit seamlessly into available space.
  • Improved Ergonomics: Gas springs can be designed to provide better ergonomics and user experience.
  • Long service life: Custom gas springs are more likely to have a longer service life, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Customization options

Quality gas spring application customization involves tailoring every aspect to meet specific application needs. These aspects include:

1. Force or load capacity

Custom gas springs can be designed to apply the precise force required for the application, whether lifting, supporting or controlling movement.

2. Stroke length

Stroke length determines how far the gas spring piston rod can extend and retract. Customization allows you to define stroke length to fit the range of motion for your application.

3. End fittings and mounting options

Custom gas spring applications can be equipped with end fittings that match specific connection points or mounting arrangements. A variety of end fittings such as balls and sockets, eyelets or clevises are available to ensure a secure connection.

4. Materials and coatings

Gas springs can be manufactured from materials that can withstand extreme conditions, including stainless steel or corrosion-resistant coatings. Custom coatings can enhance durability, protect against harsh chemicals, or provide a specific finish.

5. Damping and speed control

Certain applications require precise control of the speed and damping of gas spring motion. Customization can include specialized damping or speed control features to achieve the desired effect.


How customization meets specific application needs


  • Aerospace: Gas springs for aerospace applications can be customized to meet weight and space constraints while maintaining precise control during flight.
  • Medical Equipment: Gas springs used in medical equipment, such as hospital beds, can be customized for silent, vibration-free operation to ensure patient comfort.
  • Clean Room Environment: Gas springs used in clean room equipment can be made from materials that meet strict cleaning and hygiene standards.
  • Safety Critical Systems: Customization allows gas springs in safety critical applications to meet strict safety regulations and provide emergency release or locking functionality.
  • Non-standard spaces: If the available space is limited or irregularly shaped, custom gas springs can be designed to fit precisely within the constraints.

Case study

To illustrate the real-world impact of gas spring application customization, here are some case studies of unique applications that required custom solutions.

Case study 1: Compact medical device

A medical device manufacturer needed gas springs for a compact, portable ultrasound machine. Standard gas springs are too large for the limited space available within the equipment. Customized gas springs with smaller dimensions and specific force capacities are designed to fit perfectly, ensuring precise control during equipment operation. The result is a compact, user-friendly ultrasound machine that meets the needs of healthcare professionals.

Case Study 2: Safety-Critical Aircraft Seats

Aircraft seats with built-in safety systems require gas springs that can operate reliably in emergency situations. A custom gas spring with a dual-stage design was developed to provide standard seat support and an emergency locking mechanism. When encountering bumps or sudden stops, the gas spring will automatically lock to ensure passenger safety. These custom gas springs provide a solution to meet stringent aviation safety regulations.

Case Study 3: Unique Industrial Conveyor

An industrial facility needed gas springs to implement a unique conveyor system that needed to accommodate irregularly shaped objects. Create custom gas springs with adjustable damping and stroke length to allow the conveyor to handle a variety of loads and shapes. The versatility provided by these custom gas springs increases the efficiency of the conveyor, making it a valuable asset in the production process.

These case studies highlight how customization of gas springs can lead to innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of different industries.

In conclusion

Gas springs are versatile devices that find applications in a variety of industries, providing controlled movement and support. While standard gas springs are suitable for many applications, unique or specialized uses may require customization. The advantage of custom gas springs is that these devices can be customized to meet precise requirements, whether they involve force, stroke length, materials or safety features.

In summary, customization of quality gas spring applications provides an innovative path that enables industries to overcome unique challenges and optimize performance. When it comes to applications that cannot be met by off-the-shelf solutions, the ability to create custom gas springs opens the door to creative and efficient solutions in fields ranging from healthcare to aerospace.

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