6 Tips For Correct Installation Of Gas Lift Spring

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Many different industries and applications utilize gas lift springs and their related products, which can be found in everything from cargo doors to equipped armor vehicle doors to airplane baggage bins.

There are numerous of these products in the market and getting a high quality gas lift spring becomes tedious as you cannot easily differentiate the original from the counterfeit.

Hence the need to partner with a trusted and reliable gas lift spring manufacturer for your best quality products.

Here are some instructions on how to assemble lockable gas springs properly so that users don't spend valuable time switching assemblies and experimenting with a variety of forces to find the best gas spring for the job.

Proper Alignment of  the rod

 The correct oiling of the seals contributes to the extended lifespan of the gas spring. Therefore, when installing the spring, the rod has to constantly point downward or the rod guide should be positioned lower than the cylinder connector.

This suggested location provides a strong braking effect while making it easier to lubricate the guide and seals.

Proper care of the rod surface 

Because maintaining gas pressure depends on the rod surface, it should not be harmed by sharp or rough tools or by any harsh chemical agent. The top and bottom fittings must line properly when a gas spring is installed to prevent stress on the seal. During the entire rod stroke, the alignment must be kept. Use jointed connectors that allow the alignment if that is not possible.

Use the right attachment and tighten it correctly

Through attachments that are attached excessively rigidly to the frame, disturbances on the machine to which the gas spring is mounted may be released onto the seals. Secure the spring by using a minimum of one jointed attachment or by leaving a small space between the fastening screws and the connectors. We advise against using threaded bolts to secure the spring because the friction that the thread crest creates when it comes into contact with the attachment hole could interfere with the gas spring's proper operation. Instead, use smooth pins.

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Maintain the correct pulling force

To ensure that the typical rod sliding speed is not higher than the required limit when using the gas spring, constantly ensure that the pulling forces are not larger than the gas spring thrust force.

Maintain the optimum operating  temperature

A gas spring typically operates between -30 and +80 degrees Celsius. Environments that are especially cold and moist might cause frost to form on the seals, which can shorten the life of the gas spring.

Ensure proper application of the gas lift spring

The purpose of the gas spring is to counterbalance or lessen a weight that would otherwise be exceedingly heavy for the user or whatever structure it is installed into. Both the designer and the company that makes it should carefully evaluate any additional uses it could possibly be put to (shock absorber, decelerator, or stop) in terms of the spring's safety and longevity.

In Need of a high-quality Gas lifts spring

The gas lift spring is a truly unique product with uses in numerous industries that make them popular in the current market.

However, if the right quality is bought and the installation is done correctly, it can be used effectively and last longer.

To obtain a high-quality and long-lasting gas lift spring, it is essential to partner with a reliable and trusted   gas lift spring manufacturer.

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