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Gas spring for medical treatment machine

Gas springs are used extensively in hospitals in operating rooms, treatment rooms, nursing rooms, offices and rehabilitation centers. The additional comfort and ease of operation provided to the customer greatly reduces the risks that may arise during operation.

Applications of medical gas spring

▍  Wheelchair

Some wheelchairs are fitted with lockable gas springs so that the back angle, height, seat tilt and even the angle of the feet can be adjusted to the angle by means of the lockable gas springs and the wheelchair locked by the lockable gas springs remains optimally balanced in the locked angle.

▍  Multifunctional Hospital Trolleys

More and more trolleys are gradually being upgraded with the addition of height adjustment by means of lockable gas springs, the same principle as lifting tables, used in conjunction with a switch that opens to adjust the height and closes to lock at any height. There are also some trolleys fitted with monitors and gas springs can be used on the monitor support arms as well, allowing the monitor to be balanced at any angle by friction.

▍  Lifting devices

Lockable gas springs are used to help the user adjust to the right height and also to keep the user stable and safe at that height.


The different applications and types of products seen
in this industry are:


  • Wheelchair
  • Mobile lift patrol car
  • Elevated operating console
  • Hospital bed
  • Isolation Ward




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