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Gas Spring for Furniture

The most common application scenario for gas springs that we see in the furniture industry is cabinet up-and-over doors, but as people's demands for quality of life increase, gas springs are also being used more often in some emerging home furnishing products.

Use our products make it easier to adjust furniture and fitting for maximum ergonomics. Gas springs provide additional comfort and their damping provides a smooth, more graceful movement. Therefore, it is very important that all adjustment options are easy to operate and safe, ergonomic.

Applications of gas spring and damper for furniture

▍  Tables

Lockable gas springs can be used to raise and lower a table to any height you want, with a switch on, to adjust the height to any height you want, and with the switch off, we can leave the table at any height to suit people of all ages. And in the locked position, the table also maintains stability, safety and reliability. 

▍  Storage box

Some families acquire a large storage box for their garden, and gas springs are often used to help us open the lid of the box and to alleviate the weight of the lid when it is closed so that it does not fall on the user, especially small children in the family. And for outdoor use, we use low temperature resistant hydraulic fluids and accessories so that they can still be useful even in sub-zero weather.

▍  Wall bed & Murphy bed

The wall bed, also called the murphy bed is the perfect solution for a multipurpose room. Easily transform your guest room into an office by folding away the bed when it is not in use. This Wall bed is the ultimate space saver. And unlike the usual wall bed design, we offer a double-stroke gas spring for better results.

▍  Sliding doors

We usually find many wardrobes and cupboards with sliding doors equipped with cushioned damper slides (we also manufacture these plastic dampers) so that we do not have a loud banging sound when opening or closing the door.The same applies to sliding doors more big, using tube diameter 12mm gas springs, to achieve the same quiet living environment.

The different applications and types of products seen
in this industry are:


  • Height adjustment table
  • Cabinet
  • Storage box
  • Wall bed
  • Sliding doors




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